Paros! It’s time to take to the seas on a traditional fishing boat, before enjoying seafood feasts, local wine and a beach for every taste back on land

PAROS IS THE ARK THAT saved the Malvasia grape from extinction,’ says Savvas Moraitis, standing in the stone cellar of his winery in Naoussa. ‘We were the only place not affected by the phylloxera that wiped it out in the rest of Europe.’ He pours a glass of Malvasia and takes [...]

Spying on the Cyclades

Versailles 1685. King Louis 14th, although he had not been involved in the so-called Great Turkish War, had carved his political plans for the Archipelago Sea. Two years after the beginning of the fifteen-year war, the orders are explicit. To map the timeless "pass key" commercial and military navigation from the western Mediterranean to the [...]


Don a mask and fins and slip into the waters of the amazing beaches in Paros and Antiparos!   What is snorkeling? If you have ever gone snorkeling, you will probably agree that it is a very relaxing activity, as the ocean bottom can be rich in underwater life and rock formations. Snorkeling is a [...]

Air Transfer from/to Paros

Air Transfer from/to Paros   Located in the Aegean Sea, Paros might not be the first Greek island that comes to mind when you think about your next holiday but once you decide to visit it, we can guarantee you’ll fall in love with the place. Paros can easily be reached via ferry connections with [...]

Welcome to your Parosdise!

It is as great as TripAdvisor tells you. Whether you are young or old you will fell in love with Paros for its beaches, charming architecture, local food, adventures, unique experiences and enjoyable moments! Parikia, the capital of Paros, is today one of the most popular and busiest spot of the island, as its cafeterias and restaurants along [...]


Welcome to Paros Adventures - the land of activities. Paros Adventures offers you a variety of organized sport activities like kitesurf/windsurf lessons, scuba diving, boat cruises, boat rental, trekking, SUP, snorkeling, quad safari, boat lessons,  sea transfer, air transfer. In this world, there are many ways to do sport. We offer you to combine sport and [...]

Kitesurf Paros

Kitesurfing in Paros: an Adventure You Should Not Miss When in Paros, you will definitely not have a shortage of activities that you can try. Whether you would want to be laidback or be adventurous, the list of things to do will be almost endless. Are you looking for something that is unique and thrilling? [...]

Dolphins in Greek Mythology

Dolphins, Poseidon and Apollo's sacred animals are one of the most lovely sea creatures as well as a symbol of friendship and solidarity. Dolphins, the playful charmers of the ocean, have long held a special place in the hearts of Greeks. Myths and legends tell of their friendship with men and gods alike. Dolphins were [...]

Welcome to Paros Adventures

Hey There! Everybody is welcome to Paros Adventures !!! A team dedicated to action and adventure! We are happy to introduce you Paros Adventures Team located on Paros, Greece. Our activities are based in Paros island, the most active island in the Cyclades, where the sun Our focus is share all the activities of Paros [...]

Holidays In Paros

The beaches in Paros are the most famous in the Mediterranean for their exotic water and the golden sand. The island has a very mild climate so you can swim in the sea from beginning of May until end of October. Paros is known for its Cycladic style architecture, white-washed, with blue details. You will be impressed by its [...]

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